eSRM, an agile solution to Drive Suppliers’ Performance!

Evaluating the performance of your suppliers, a Procurement practice that may be agile!

 and Altaïs Conseil  have combined their respective expertises in IT and in procurement excellence for offering eSRM, a web-based supplier risk solution that enables to manage suppliers’ performance and to track their non-conformances.

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This solution is for any company, whatever their size or their organization, wishing to drive as simply, quickly and completely as possible the performance of their suppliers and / or willing to meet quality/ISO9001 requirements in terms of monitoring and evaluating suppliers’ performance.

Advantages & Benefits

  • The functional richness of eSRM – to the fun of the sourcing professional – is the natural result of a strong field experience lived by many category/commodity managers
  • The structured and collaborative process allows the right level of involvement of all stakeholders: sourcing professional, supplier, quality manager, technical contacts, …
  • The simplicity and speed of use generate time savings for all stakeholders, particularly for the sourcing professional who can actually focus more on value-added tasks in the process
  • The historical database and reporting capabilities enable the company to instantly prove its compliance with ISO9001 requirements regarding supplier performance’s evaluation and supplier non-conformances management
  • The solution enables the company to track supplier’s profile and thus to check they have the appropriate capacities, facilities and certifications
  • The administration of the solution is really easy

Main Features

  • Supplier pre-qualification / Supplier information and profile management
    • the sourcing professional can invite any potential supplier to complete their profile (identity data, financial data, certifications, references, …) in the system before deciding whether the potential supplier is pre-qualified or not
    • any qualified supplier can update their profile when necessary or on request made by the sourcing professional
  • Periodic supplier evaluation
    • the sourcing professional creates and launches the evaluation in only a few minutes, follows it up at their rythm and adjusts it in real time if necessary
    • the evaluators score the level of supplier performance in a few clicks, according to a set of criteria pre-defined at company level
    • the supplier self assesses through their dedicated interface and submits their ideas of improvement in a very easy way
    • the sourcing professional elaborates, finalises and manages – in a very flexible way – the supplier improvement plan including the actions for improvement and the related expected value
  • Management of supplier non-conformances
    • any company actor being in link with the supplier can declare in a few clicks any nonconformance that involves the supplier
    • the supplier’s manager at company level coordinates – in a very flexible way – the technical and financial treatment of the non-conformance between the supplier and the right actors within the company
  • Reporting
    • any authorized employee (sourcing professional, Procurement manager, quality manager, …) can easily and instantly generate any report on the assessments performed or the non-conformances processed during a given period, for a list of sourcing professionals or a list of Procurement teams, for a list of suppliers, for a list of Sourcing categories, etc…
  • Administration
    • the general administrator of the solution manages all basic parameters in a very natural way and does not need to be an IT specialist
    • the administrator of the Procurement team guarantees the list of the team members as well as the team supplier database; if there are several Procurement teams then there are several administrators
  • Languages
    • interface in French & English
    • questionnaires, criteria & workflow messages are multi-lingual (i.e. you can choose a 3rd language)
  •  Technical aspects & pre-requisites
    • web-based application accessible via any browser
    • « Single Sign On » can be implemented if the company LDAP directory is open to the solution
    • company users’ file to be integrated to the solution and associated protocol of updates to be implemented
    • available in SaaS mode

Perspectives – Towards a complete solution for SRM / Supplier Risk Management

The approach developed by Alma and Altaïs Conseil  is not intended to replace an ERP or a bidding online system, but to enable your company to complete its Procurement information system with a real SRM dimension covered in a way that combines agility and efficiency.

The next step for Alma and Altaïs Conseil  is therefore to complete eSRM so that it covers the three components of supplier risk: supplier qualification with a full scoring system, contract management and supplier performance management (the latest being already covered by the version currently available).


To know more, please upload the eSRM product flyer. You may also want to check out a customer testimonial.

The best is certainly that you ask for an online demonstration that will provide you with a quick & concrete overview of eSRM!

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